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I have been in the travel industry in one way or the other for over 14 years. Don't you want a travel agent who has been there, seen it, stayed there or studied extensively and received certification?

When you ask us to quote you a honeymoon or destination wedding, we will chat with you about your likes, dislikes and expectations. This helps us place you in the best possible location for maximum enjoyment. We will then research many tour operators to find the best price. The internet will not do this for you since they have allegiance with certain companies to promote only them.

Now, we are not in business to sell just airlines tickets, you are best to find that online, we are honeymoon specialists, meaning we place all components in a package for you that could include airline tickets for the best price and smooth honeymoon experience.

Cruises to everywhere, all inclusive vacations on a beach, family ski trips, European Travel to Mid East destinations even Mickey Mouse, we can cover most of it from our desks in Texas.


There are many companies out there that put packages together or sell cruises but being in the business a while, I tend to go with not only the best price, but the most reliable companies. Therefore, I book through Funjet Vacations, Apple Vacations, Worryfree Vacations, Pleasant Holidays, Globus, Trafalgar, General Tours, American Airlines Vacations, GO GO Vacations, Princess Cruises, Royal Caribbean, Carnival, Norwegian, Holland, Crystal and Oceania Cruises and more. I have great relations with them and know who to contact in case of an emergency. No internet company can match that type of customer service. Plus, you have my personal cell phone number, what can be better than that?


Whenever possible, don't stand in line without calling first; it's almost guaranteed that your other flight options will disappear before you get to the front of that line. Instead, call the airline immediately and ask to be "protected"--booked on an alternate flight, whether their airline or another. But, understand that some airlines don't have interline agreements. If you fly on Jet Blue, Southwest or Air Tran, for example, you can't be "protected" on another carrier because they don't "interline" with the major legacy airlines like American, United, Delta and so forth.


Packing, ahhh what fun. In the many years I spent travelling, packing light has become second hand to me. I tend to pack solid colors, black, brown, white, tan. These are all interchangable and require usually just two pairs of shoes. When you start adding blue, green, etc....more shoes are required, well maybe for the ladies. Pack a good pair of walking shoes and flat or low healed dress shoes for evening wear. If you are going to a tropical destination, pack more undergarments than you think you will need, the humid conditions soak right through you. When I am going to an all inclusive in the Caribbean, I pretty much wear my bathing suit all day with a cover up. Don't over load your suitcase with tons of shorts, tops, etc... Depending on how long you are staying and what activities you plan on doing, pack light. Most cruise ships have a laundry facility on board these days. This helps since nightly wear does take up a large chunk of your suitcases and as we all know, the storage space in those cabins leave a lot to be desired.

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