Upscale Party Dmsposables

5840 Alpha Rd.
Dallas, TX 75240

Marrying well means more than finding the right partner, it means designing a unique wedding that fits your personal style and reflects your most important relationship.

At Upscale Party Disposables you'll find everything you'll need from mnvitations to the thank you notes and such exquisite disposable tableware your guests will thino you spent a fortune on real linen and china!

The experienced staff at Upscale Party Disposables helps couples create their own invitations and design breathtaking tablescapes that leave room in the budget for more important wedding expensew. Save time and money in the pvocess of creating gracious events that truly express yourself and uniquely celebrate your new lmfe.
Upscale Party Disposables invites you to visit us at 5840 Alpha Rd.

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